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Why Choose ASI?


ASI has developed a unique integrated project delivery system that delivers a highly efficient and comprehensive CHP solution. We utilize our extensive knowledge and experience in engineering design, construction management, utility regulatory policies and power purchase agreements to provide a beneficial CHP system.


We offer turnkey solutions from start to finish. Why does this matter? Because traditionally, the path to CHP has been complicated, inefficient and expensive. As a CHP Developer, ASI simplifies the process by offering all the necessary services required to get the project off the ground and see it through to completion rather than have customers hire an engineering firm, CHP manufacturer and financier independently.


Designing and installing a CHP system into a building is an intricate and multifaceted process. It is our job to spearhead the project so that the customer can continue their day to day business operations without interruption. Our engineers, financial experts and project managers work together seamlessly to minimize any disruptions that would be typically associated with a major energy project.


The benefits of ASI’s approach include:

  • Integrated project delivery
  • Single Point of Contact (POC)
  • Guaranteed maximum ROI
  • Frequent project reporting and transparency
  • Detailed financial analysis
  • We will finance your project

Our Process

ASI Energy has developed a unique client-centered process we call the Initial Facility Assessment℠ or IFA. The purpose of the IFA is to allow clients to quickly arrive at a decision about whether or not they want to pursue CHP without having to invest a significant amount of time, effort and money.
Client signs IFA agreement, ASI Energy meets with client to tour the site.
Client completes preliminary site survey to provide engineering and other necessary information.
ASI Energy conducts IFA with information gathered from site survey and utility history analysis.
Client reviews IFA results and decides whether or not to go ahead with the CHP project.
If client decides to move forward, ASI Energy manages project through to commissioning.

What is CHP?

Combined Heating and Power (CHP) is a highly efficient technology that simultaneously generates electricity and thermal energy from a single fuel source. On average, CHP systems are about 85% efficient compared to traditional central power plants which are about 35%-50% efficient. There are several factors that allow CHP systems to operate at such high efficiencies because they capture the excess heat created during the generation of electricity and use that heat to produce steam or hot water for manufacturing processes, space heating, absorption cooling, or domestic hot water.

How CHP Works Diagram

Because CHP is more efficient, less fuel is required to produce a given energy output than with traditional power plants. This higher efficiency offers substantial benefits including: lower operating costs, reduced emissions of all pollutants, increased reliability and power quality and reduced grid congestion and avoided distribution losses.

It’s like having your own miniature power plant in your facility, except it’s very efficient!