Project Development

ASI offers affordable and comprehensive CHP services. We walk you through the process step by step, serving as your sole point of contact, saving you the trouble of having to find an engineering firm, construction company, manufacturer and developer.

Financial Analysis

We are able to offer an array of financing options, including both on balance sheet and off balance sheet financing. Because of this diversified offering we can find a financing solution to meet your project and organization’s needs. However, we take this one step further and we also run real financial calculations to enable your organization to make a project decision solely on financial merit. We also offer our IFA clients various financing options that minimize your investment risk and guarantee cost savings.

CHP System Design

The first step in designing a CHP solution begins with the IFA (click here to learn more about that). Our experienced engineers collect data from the building’s existing infrastructure and past utility bills to conduct an engineering study. They then create an initial model which is analyzed by our financial experts to determine the maximum ROI.


After the system is installed ASI Energy works closely with the engineers and manufacturer to continually operate and maintain the equipment.

Construction Management

After the CHP system design is finalized and approved we proceed with the construction phase. ASI serves as the construction manager which requires scheduling and providing all subcontractors necessary for the CHP installation. A major part of this service includes finding a manufacturer that can provide a CHP system that best suits the building’s needs.


A microgrid is a decentralized electricity system, where energy is produced and stored locally within a small network.

Other Services Include

  • Construction Management

  • Utility/NYSERDA Coordination

  • CHP Design/Build Project Management

  • Electric Load Projection

  • Electric and Natural Gas Rate Analysis and Projections

  • Environmental Compliance & Permitting Services

  • Thermal Load Analysis

  • Electric Utility Infrastructure Planning and Design

  • Electrical Distribution System Design

  • HVAC System Design

  • Project Scoping

  • Financing